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[tcg] COLORS logs

APRIL 2014
04.01.14: turned in sketchpad1, received moron05, exorcist20, and a red crayon. received kbt09, morphus14, mutt03, traitor15 from reading between the lines 103. received thedevil08, emotions11 from costume party 189.
04.02.14: gifted sogeking17 by[personal profile] emberwishes. received bikes11 and gravekeeper17 from art lessons 174. put in yakuza10 at coloring book 72.
04.03.14: traded moon04, usashrine02 to [community profile] backgammon for loveyou07, maitreya18.
04.06.14: received fireball09, lovelorn04 from help miss kamila 26. received kaze05, bubbles05 from kiss the cook 13.
04.09.14: traded eyesight10 to phibby for speak13. received child09, child19, cubes07, dresses09, dresses13, loli_gothic09 from recycled art. received composing04, trueblood07 from art lessons with rukia 175. put in kbt09 at coloring book 72. received juliet13, 18_07, explosive12, witchhunter16, mamushi10, hermit01, kodama09, armblade12, maidcafe20, precipices17, kenpo03, deathangel17 and a red crayon from costume party 190.
04.10.14: received nameless09, hamster18, muromachi18 from host club 84.
04.11.14: slot trade thread here. (9 trades.) traded traitor15, mamushi10 to [personal profile] emberwishes for windup15, strawberry12. traded bandana12, hermit01 to[personal profile] ixionesis for loligothic03, loligothic08. received angels01, `territorial01, villagers16 from monthly post. traded precipices17 to[personal profile] kuranosuke for verycute18. traded kodama09, tied18 to[personal profile] karayan for dresses01, maitreya19. received profit03, gynoid10, balbadd03 from conan's clues 190. traded deathzone02 to [personal profile] laexdream for curesunny08.
04.12.14: gifted cureheart13 by[personal profile] advancing and traded gynoid10, witchhunter10, kaze05 for mint01, mint14, exchanger05. received aristocratic03, profit10, windup10, and an orange crayon for leveling up. received mentor15, yoshiro15, idolize18, plumber13 from pick a color 89. traded rasetsu04, gravekeeper17 to needles for child15, strawberry13. traded maidcafe20, mutt03 to dialny for six12, dream04.
04.14.14: received earthshaker19, hats09, orange12, siren05 from coloring book 72. received become03, become04, become19, become20, futuring01, weak10, weak14, weak17, weak19, weak20 from recycled art. received pms07, selece18, and a green crayon from turning in a sketchbook. turned in 2x red crayon for windup01, windup03. received myshin18, typical16, cryokinesis13, unorthodox01 from peach's bday present 22.
04.15.14: received furniture01, amati17, crusher11 from guess the color 165. traded straylize10, thedevil 08 to omoikane for curepeace17, become17. received azuresea10, lavaorb02, scold16, infatuated01, trinsette01 from grafitti 72.
04.16.14: received pillars10, taforasha04 from help miss kamila 27. gifted six20, serious17 by oktarose. recieved doma05, yamato01 from art lessons with rukia 176. received lawyer05 from coloring book 72. gifted spicyageha13, starmiya01, uniform02, uniform07 by dne.
04.17.14: traded emotions11 to kippi for curepeace10. traded furniture01, and hoodie07 (slot) to minteaprince for lorikeet03, territorial06. receieved illegitmate07, levitation18, otomeroad09 from conan's clues 191. received siscon20, hummingbird19, caged14, sevendays04 from costume party 191. received rosesplash15, billionaire13, heavens17, marchenland03 from between the lines 105. traded green crayon to count_2_three for a gray crayon
04.18.14: traded muromachi18, mentor14 to ivoryandhorn for loligothic01, strawberry06. turned in composing04 to coloring book 73.
04.19.14: received nicknames04 and raisondetre19 from coloring book 73. traded wingzero20, selece18, ferret14, plumber13, morpheus14 to estamir for child07, cubes01, dresses10, glomp06, curepassion06. turned in orange12 to coloring book 73. gifted azuresea10 to minteaprince. traded shooter04 to dinos for angels11
04.20.14: received graywolf16, east08, darkness01, secrecy18, book05 from rolling down the uwm 13.
traded earthshaker19, yoshiro15 to adurotum for maitreya03, selamatpagi19. traded graywolf16 to advancing for loveyou02. received red13, lovestruck14, bracer05 from coloring book 73. turned in moron05, nameless09 to remodeling 14.
04.22.14: turned in amati17 to delete shitori. traded dynames20, red13 to maesterlicious for storybook10, angels07. traded brown crayon to moes for gray crayon. traded balbaad03, idolize18 to rubatosis for child08, futuring02. received rumraisin19, windmill06, devon13, patch03, teasing14, survey19 from beauty pageant 81. traded blue crayon to mist for red crayon. traded verbose03, exorcist20 to yokatta for storybook04, angels14. traded levitation18 to eyvindur for obliged16. traded kendama07, marchenland04 to laurent to rely18, pomengranate18.
04.23.14: traded patch03, cyrokinesis13 to advancing for mermaid17, dachshund13. received observant15, seminary19 from art lessons 177. gifted lorikeet17 by cendol. traded bubbles05 to count_2_three for fleija05.
04.24.14: received wizard03, easygoing14, lenster02, liladan12 from costume party 192. received cureberry18, chernaborg05, kaze04, ayingott20, execute02, eon19, chores14,leap15, aniki15, var19, and a brown crayon from reading between the lines 106. received linda07, occult20, nil07 from host club 85. traded lovelorn04 to toran for myprince02. traded aniki15, lavaorb02, supergirl07, wizard03 to iz_fulla_stars for become08, tamarin07, loveyou17, wind-up05. received rabi02, flowerclip02, and an orange crayon for turning in sketchbook3. turned in 2 gray crayons and one red crayon for wind-up12, rely11, rely14. gifted wind-up04, rely20 by kyousuke. gifted teasing14 to lanvaldear. (05/03 update) received barrier14, celestial19, roses07, pay13 from conan's clues 192.
04.25.14: received founder05, murakumo06, yoshiro08, nekoneko18, begnion17 from remodeling station 14. received switch03, kijin12, windup17 and yellow crayon for leveling up.
04.26.14: received mushroom17, ethereal07, right03, invisible19 from a challenger appears 15. received iwant04, wrath17 from kiss the cook 14. traded var19 to nyxnoxbox for tamarin20. (sketchbook4 filled) traded hummingbird19, owl19, hats19 to aaveplsgo for lorikeet08, starmiya04, storybook02. traded trueblood07 to reneetwist for sunshine01. traded exchanger05, flowerclip02, rabi02, scold16, typical16, ayingott20, dream04 to oriaon for glomp13, glomp18, cubes02, curemarch15, fantasy09, futuring08, marchenland20. traded lawyer05 to ixionesis for become12. traded roses07 to ryner for curemarch14.
04.27.14: traded kaze04 to advancing for egret17. traded fireball09, heavens17, lenster02, survey19, begnion17 to bridgitkiido for rely14, spicyageha04, spicyageha09, starmiya05, starmiya08. received rayearth20, rebellious12, miracles15, fairytale09, stealing15 from delete shiritori 29. turned in explosive12 to delete shiritori 30.
04.28.14: traded crusher11, easygoing14, fairytale09 to cendol for cubes15, dresses14, glomp04. (sketchbook05 filled) traded chores14, siren05 to swagu for busty06, kaka20. traded brown crayon to buttmage for angels16. traded sergeant11 to buttmage for hairclips16. traded darkness01, infatuated01, nil07, pillars10 to utsuwa for territorial17, thepaper03, mansion09, maitreya15. traded haunt14, execute02 to blinkingrune for pomengranate10, selmatpagi04. received cape04, eccentric12, candystore07 from guess the color 167. traded stealing15, murakumo06, east08, leap15, mermaid17, rayearth20, serious17, taforashia04, wrath17 for lorikeet13, spicyageha15, loveyou16, selamatpagi05, obliged14, cureace17, curemarch04, curepine12, cureblack04. (sketchbook06 filled)
04.29.14: traded hamster18, invisible19, jikochuu18, rumraisin19, secrecy18, bikes11, kenpo03 to magaru for dream10, inlove04, lorikeet20, pinkpearl05, aquapearl10, aquapearl17, aquapearl20. received secretary18, investigate09, violent19, part-timer16, a purple crayon, and an orange crayon from turning in sketchbook04 & sketchbook05.
04.30.14: received hoodie08 from coloring book 73. received visitor05, fantail19 from art lessons 178. traded celestial19, hoodie08 to murkrows for futuring14, six01. traded liladan15 to kuranosuke for pomegranate03. traded doha05 to lochvaan for angels19. traded fantail19 to kyousuke for lorikeet06.

MARCH 2014
03.01.14: join! received scar18, shamisen05, tied18, moon04, bubblebeam18, bluesky19, windup19, windup14 from starter pack. received maitreya06,rosetta05, jikochuu18, comet16, ferret14, usashrine02, tsuntsun12, rely01, cureace04, motor19, villagers05, windup02 from monthly post.
03.02.14: received spicyahega17 and yellow, blue, and brown crayon from [personal profile] ivoryandhorn as a gift.
traded comet16 to[personal profile] oddacity for maitreya07. traded bubblebeam18 to[personal profile] preternatural for windup20.
received chocobo18, haunt14, zanbatou17, sergant11 from conan's clues. received devious14, super_girl07, dynames20, kendama07 from shadow watching. traded rookie14 to[personal profile] tomatofor rely07. 03.10.14: recieved curemarch08 from monthly thread. slot trade here: traded for child01, chibimoon12, windup06, marchenland12, selmatpagi15, curemarch07, rely08, windup11, shooter04, marchenland04, maitreya14. (11 trades) traded devious14 to[personal profile] shinsengumi for windup07
back from surprise hiatus. received child11 as gift from[personal profile] adurotum. received straylize10, gasmask13, eyesight10, comical18, serious09, and yakuza10 from crosswords 76. received catastrophe15, speaking01, and lorelei04 from host club 82.
traded zanbatou17 to[personal profile] admiral for starmiya03. received wing-zone20, ratsbane01, verbose03 from guess the color 162. received deathzone02, bandana13 from art lessons with rukia 173.
traded comical18, lorelei04 to[personal profile] dialny for child04, cubes14, also received selamatpagi20 as a gift. recieved rasetsu05 and revival11 from help miss kamila 23. traded chocobo18 to[personal profile] rubatosis for windup16. traded gasmask13 to [personal profile] acperience for windup09. traded motor19 to[personal profile] swagu for storybook17.

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